English composition 1010

English Composition 1010, Journal Question, Please Read attachment

The Substitute.pdf 

Journal Question #1

1.  Complete:  Evaluate the student sample “The Substitute.”  Please provide adequate evidence of your understanding of the principles of effective narrative writing and polished descriptive writing. 

a.  What “limited time” did the student writer utilize?

b.  What conflict did the student writer tell about? 

c.  How did the student writer create suspense to build to the climax?  Offer specific examples of words and phrases that built the suspense

d.  What word choice was particularly effective to describe the narrator herself? the teacher?

e.  What was the dominant impression of this narrative?  What effective word choice did the student writer use to create that dominant impression?  (List 10-12 words, phrase, etc. that are effective!) 

f.  What examples of “figurative language” did the student writer use?

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