English Literature after 1800, writing homework help

**See the attached file under “Requirements” for the proper way to record and upload/attach your video to this assignment submission**


You are teaching a course in English Literature after 1800 and you have to deliver the last lecture of the semester. What single issue do you want to impress upon your students about this period in English literature and why? Using one writer from each of the literary periods (Romantic, Victorian, 20th Century), develop an argument explicating the single most important issue of the time. Make sure to develop a focused analysis that makes a point and uses specific evidence from the texts to illustrate and support.

Important Things to Remember:

  • Remember, analyzing any work of literature involves making an argument: You must make a claim (thesis) and support it with specific evidence, details, and examples from the texts—this means your analysis MUST include quotations from the texts in order to be successful. Only with careful attention to detail, solid evidence, and careful reasoning will you persuade.
  • No outside research is needed or may be used. You may use materials provided within this course only. Use of outside materials will result in failure of the assignment. If use of those materials is in the form of plagiarism, you will fail the course.
  • Make sure your video responds to the prompt.
  • A clear thesis statement. Have you developed an angle? Are you specific? Does your video follow that thesis (claim) all the way through to the end?
  • Whether or not you have successfully defended your point of view.


  • Video must be a minimum of 4 minutes long, not to exceed 6 minutes.
  • Quoting specific text to illustrate/support your response.
  • You will be using ONLY the materials within the course. All work is expected to be your own. No outside sources are allowed or needed. Use of outside sources will result in failure of the assignment.
  • Review this file carefully for directions about how to record and attach a video to this assignment: Video Assignment Directions.docx
  • Say your first and last name at the beginning of the video.

*A note about file format and the deadline:

Videos must be submitted per the directions provided in “Requirements.” Videos uploaded in any other format will not be graded and a 0 will be entered in the gradebook. There are no exceptions to this requirement. Videos must also be submitted no later than the deadline. Technical difficulties or lengthy upload times are not valid excuses for late submissions. Give yourself enough time to record, upload, attach, and submit the video. Do not wait until the last minute to submit this assignment because it might not load by the deadline.

**A note about plagiarism:

DON’T DO IT. Please review the course policy and definition of plagiarism included in the syllabus and Lesson 1. Plagiarism results in failure of the course. There are no exceptions to this course policy.

***A note about presentation:

Be sure to organize your thoughts ahead of time, but do not record yourself reading a paper. This video is private (only I can see it), but think of it as a product that best represents you and the best of what you can accomplish.

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