English Perfect Compostion. Need an A+ Quality

1-You are a teacher in Public School. Your principal observed your whole class lesson to a group of 25 students and provided the following feedback via email:

·  One quarter of the students were attentive and raised their hands in response to your warm up activity.

·  Students in the back row were whispering during the lesson introduction and directions for independent time.

·  4 out of 5 of your students classified as Students With Disabilities were doodling in their notebook during the independent work time.

·  At the end of the lesson only half of the students successfully completed the task as evidenced by the exit slip.

·  At the lesson closing, half of the students wrote down the homework assignment and followed your instructions for transition to the next class.

 Write a thoughtful response to your principal regarding the e-mail feedback. Describe your next steps to improve the outcomes for your students in this class. Please address only two of the bullet points above.

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