English12A: Descriptive Essay, English homework help

Throughout this unit, you have been reading excerpts from the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf and have become familiar with its mood and language. At this time, you should have chosen one particular scene from the epic poem to describe in detail in a 2-3 page writing assessment. In your lessons, you have learned strategies to create an overall impression and organize a description. For this assessment, you will draft a description that contains vivid details and grabs readers’ attention.

Now, imagine you are one of the characters in Beowulf. Either take the perspective of antagonist or protagonist, and describe the scene using sensory details to “paint a portrait” with your words for the reader. Try metaphors and similes (what was it “like”?). Your purpose is to make the reader feel as if they are there! This is not an analysis or summary, it is more in the genre of story telling.

Write a description based on a scene from BeowulfChoose one: The battle with Grendel, the battle with the Dragon, or the battle with Grendel’s mother. Before you start, note that descriptive writing is characterized by the following elements:

  • It follows an appropriate organizational pattern.
  • It contains sensory words and vivid details.
  • It communicates a clear overall impression.
  • It contains transitions that link sentences together effectively.
  • It grabs the readers’ attention with a strong beginning and a strong conclusion.


  • Draft a descriptive essay incorporating sensory details
  • Identify prepositions and their function in a sentence

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