Environmental Health

Please respond to the following: “What is a Local Emergency Management Agency (LEMA) and what are they responsible for?  Please provide examples of specific actions and programmatic areas (i.e.; specific mandated plans, hazard and vulnerability assessments, training’s, etc.).”This assignment should be no less than 750 words.  Please use 12-point type (Times New Roman font), with one-inch margins, and line spacing 1.5. At all times, you must properly give credit to the original author (APA style and citation guidelines). Proper punctuation and grammar will count toward your grade. Take time to articulate a coherent and clear response. You will be graded on the knowledge you bring to bear on the question above as well as the quality and organization of your written essay. DEVELOP YOUR POINTS AND PROOFREAD YOUR RESPONSE.UPLOAD YOUR DOCUMENT IN WORD DOCUMENT FORMAT IN THE TEMPLATE PROVIDED. POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED IF UPLOADED IN ANY OTHER FORMAT.

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