Epidemiology discussion

Let me know if you can help and how much. Need it by tomorrow noon west coast time.FYI -I notice my Return score is at 46% – Last year one tutor tried to give me substandard work.  It appeared English was not her first language I gave her a couple of chances to fix, but it was evident this was not going to work. I am not sure why it is a mark against me.Let me know how much if you can do this for me.Just needs to be a page or two. Citation and References APAI have a discussion post dueIdentify the emerging or reemerging infectious disease you selected.Discuss the investigative process used to identify the outbreak, and describe its effect using descriptive epidemiology (person, place, and time).Apply the epidemiologic triangle and vector theory to your selected outbreak.Evaluate how prior health care interventions, or lack thereof, created the conditions that allowed this infectious disease to emerge.Discuss how the disease outbreak might have been avoided or mitigated. Include agencies, organizations, and resources that could have supported these efforts. If appropriate, consider ongoing efforts to control the outbreak

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