Erik Erikson influence

LOOK AT THE ATTECHMENTfinal paper (13-15 pages)  paper will focus on ERIK ERIKSON life,  there will be a schematic that you will need to follow. The schematic consists of the grandfather which will be Freud Sigmund, the parent who is Anna Sigmund and Montessori School, then the main child which is Eric Erikson (the story will revolve around Eric Erikson from who influence him to who was influenced by him) then you will talk about who Erik Erikson influence which are the children, Howard Gardner and Erick Berne, then you will talk about one more parson why Erick Berne influence (this you will have to look for and look at the attachment for a better visual)you will start the paper by first introducing Erik Erikson (EX: Erik Erikson’s life and his contributor to the field of psychology through his theories and ideas that aimed at understanding the behavioral changes of people. It will also discuss major people that influence Erikson and who he also influenced over time, and how his idea has led to different people creating a different field in psychology.ex: Everyone has a beginning for Erik Erikson, life started in Germany in 1902 with his stepfather and mother, Erikson never felt accepted by his stepfather and that lead to a life struggles with his identity. Erikson’s struggles with identity made a major contribution to his work throughout his life. Erikson himself never received a degree in psychology, but he studies in art school for a few years and later drop out and started wandering Europe in search of his identity.His wandering landed him a teaching job, this is where things started to change for him. During his teaching days at the school, Anna Freud discovers him and soon encourage him to study psychoanalysis, with this exposure, he became part neo-Freudianism psychologist by extending Freud’s theories on the 5 stages of development. )1. Then you will talk about Freud Sigmund’s life and his contribution to psychology and how his IDEA INFLUENCE Erik Erikson in terms of child development)  while still following the schematic, Feud will be the grandfather whose work helped Erik develop his major contribution in psychoanalysis; example eight stages of child development.2. Than you will talk about Ann Sigmund life and how she followed her father’s footsteps in psychology and how she was the one that encourages Erik Erikson to join the felid (After meeting Anna Sigmund while working in Vienna, Erikson decided to pursue the field of psychoanalysis and she was that are Anna Sigmund who inspired him to advance on psychoanalysis of ego and mechanisms of defense,3. Then you will talk about the Montessori school and how he attends the thing and this helps him create his 8 stages of child development. (He studied child development at the Vienna Psychoanalytic Institute through the Montessori method, which focused on psychosexual and developmental4. Then you will move to Howard Gardner who he was to Erik Erikson and how Erik Erikson influence Howards Gardner’s ideas and theories in the field of psychotherapy.5. Then you will move to and how he studies analysis under Erik Erikson and how Erik Erikson influence Erick Berner to develop his theory on transactional analysis6. You will have to look for one more person which will be the great-grandchild and how he was influenced by Erick Berner. So, look for someone using Transactional analysis therapy

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