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Final Essay Questions

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  1. Chart the historical pattern of income inequality for a specific country (other than the United States) using either a top earner or a GINI measure. How do you explain the empirical pattern that you see? Which political and economic factors account for the changes in income distribution over time?
  2. Examine the Forbes billionaires list for 1996 and 2014 or 2019. Describe how the list has changed over time. How do you explain these changes?
  3. Assess the following statement using empirical examples: “In the era of globalization, governments have lost their ability to stem the tide of rising inequality.”
  4. Why is there a significant statistical correlation between inequality, on the one hand, and various health and social problems, on the other? Is this correlation merely a coincidence or is there a theory that can explain it?
  5. What is the relationship between financial crises and inequality? Address the question with reference to two empirical case studies.
  6. To what extent is inequality to blame for the growing wave of populism over the past decade?
  7. To what extent do recent transformations in the distribution of wealth and income threaten the stability of the Chinese political system?
  8. Is migration the solution to global inequality?
  9. Has the rise of emerging markets altered the distribution of power and influence in global affairs?


Word count: 3,500 words (including footnotes, but excluding bibliography/reference list). 



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