6-10 page essay, fully cited and in MLA format, on how Ikea is meeting the UN goal of global change. Fully stated how Ikea is working on becoming eco-friendly and also implement new ideas on how Ikea can continue to improve on new ways to meet the UN goal.

Final Product is to be a  6-10 page plan with implementation phases that could be used by the Case Company to help address the global issue. This can include changes for the company itself as well as industry changes that they could initiate. This should include the two prior submissions within the 10 page (6-10 page) count. This will be presented in written format. (12%).

This should be presented as a report. It should have a cover page, an executive summary and table of contents. Your writing should be free of errors. You should have clear and concise paragraphs and headings. Tables and figures are welcome.

2 points – Introduction/Conclusion of Project

This will include your executive summary, your introduction and your conclusion.

2 points – Representation of Previous Work

This will be grading how well you incorporated the previous work in to this paper.

8 points – Implementation Plan

In this is the section, you provide recommendations on what the company should do and how they can go about doing it. A fine answer will provide suggestions on what the company can do; a great answer will provide suggestions and plans on how that implementation could happen including projected costs of implementation.

Up to 1 point will be deducted for formatting, referencing, grammar, and spelling.

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