For this essay, you will be addressing how leaders in your current or past organization handle motivation and empowerment. If you do not have a workplace example, you can use a civic, volunteer, or school experience as the basis for your essay.


  • Include background information on the organization you are discussing.
  • Describe how situational factors, such as the structure, size, environment, and geographic location of the organization, may affect the leaders’ success.
  • Examine the tools and techniques the leaders are currently using to motivate or empower individuals within their organization.
  • Address whether or not these tools and techniques are successful in motivating both you and other employees. Be sure to include examples.
  • Conclude by suggesting improvements that could be made to enhance the leaders’ abilities to motivate and empower.


Your final essay must be a minimum of two pages, not counting the title and reference pages that are required. Utilize and site at least two scholarly resources. Your essay must follow APA 6th edition format.


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