Answer the following:

ok so Halla Bol is an Indian play; you can access the play script via attached documents called “HallaBol”. From the play script and other documents answer this question: Halla Bol play was originally written in different languages. What does that tell you about the performance landscape in modern India? In your answer talk about how Halla Bol play’s performance was written in Hindi language. People, in the society that Halla Bol established at, might affect the performance and as well as their different cultures. Talk about Halla Bol play’s surrounding environment that might help forming the play.  And do not forget to cite. The answer will be as slides 6×6. Find a good title for each slide answering how Halla Bol play created.

(Hashmi, 1997) (Erven, 1988)


Erven, E. v. (1988). Plays, Applause, and Bullets: Safdar Hashmi’s Street Theatre. TDR, 33(4), pp 32-47.

Hashmi, M. (1997). Towards People’s Culture. Economic and Political Weekly, 32(5), pp 2174.

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