Midterm Essay Exam

The Midterm Essay Questions will cover 6 selected chapter topics from the text. The examis worth total 350 points. Each question is 50 points.  To earn maximum points ALL parts of the question must be answered.

  • This is a “take home” exam; the performance bar has been raised exponentially.
  • The exam will be comprehensive requiring students to use the text, class notes, and other material and resources as deemed appropriate.
  • Students will be expected to produce an exam that is well-thought out, detailed, organized and demonstrating critical thinking skills by providing substantive reference to Human Relations theories, concepts, applications and best practices.
  • Students are to use real world scenarios and examples wherever appropriate to explain how Human Relations is used in the workplace.
  • Note:  Some of the Essay Question topics may or may not have been discussed in class.  This does not negate the fact that students are responsible for reading the material.
  • Essay exam MUST be TYPEWRITTEN.
  • Double space.
  • Use bullets when listing key points.
  • Use proper grammar, paragraph and sentence structure, spelling and word usage.
  • Arial 12 pt font
  • Staple exam.

MIDTERM ESSAY QUESTIONS – Copy and Paste Essay Questions to Word Doc

Note:  Points will be deducted if essay questions are not accurately restated and numbered.

1. Personality

Describe six biases affecting perception.Describe a work place experience for each of the six biases.  Cite chapter and page.

Given a good explanation, people perceive things the same way.  T    F

2. Motivation

 State how reinforcement motivation theory is used to increase performance. Provide 3 work related examples of how reinforcement can improve performance.  Cite chapter and page.

The two variables of intermittent reinforcement are passage of time (fixed or variable interval) and output (fixed or variable ratio), resulting in four alternative schedules.   TF

3. Team Dynamics

Describe the five stages of a team’s development.  Cite chapter and page.

            Functional groups and standing committees don’t usually go through a termination stage of development.  T   F

4. Ethical Power, Politics, and Etiquette

Describe five influencingtactics.  Give a work place example for how each of the five influencing tactics is used.  Cite chapter and page.

            Rational persuasion is the most effective influencing tactic.  T   F

5. Organizational Change and Culture

State why people resist change and how to overcome resistance.  Describe the four major reasons people resist change.  Identify three major variables. List the ways to overcome resistance to change.  Be comprehensive, provide specific details.  Cite chapter and page.

Discuss a personal experience with change that includes ALL four major reasons people resist change. 

            The first reaction to rumors of change is resistance to the change.  T   F

6. Conflict Resolution

List the steps of initiating, responding to, and mediating conflict resolutions.  Provide a work place conflict in which you use these steps.  Cite chapter and page.

            Initiating, responding to, and mediating a conflict all take the same level of skill.  T   F

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