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The case of Rita is presented here for you to consider because it clearly demonstrates and emphasizes the tasks to be performed in crisis intervention. We suggest that you make notes as you read and reread it. Read this as if you were the crisis worker to whom Rita had come, in person, for help.

This assignment requires you to examine a case and apply the Hybrid task crisis intervention model. Read the case below as a quick introduction. Then carefully read the text pages on Hybrid Model of crisis intervention. Write a description of how you would use the model to help Rita during the initial session you have scheduled with her. Make sure to clearly describe each task and explain why this might be helpful to resolve the difficulties Rita is experiencing. Hybrid Model of Crisis Intervention:

Task 1: Pre-dispositioning/ Engaging/ Initiating Contact

Task 2: Problem Exploration: Defining the Crisis

Task 3: Providing Support

Task 4: Examining Alternatives

Task 5: Planning in Order to Reestablish Control

Task 6: Obtaining Commitment

Task 7: Follow-up

Textbook(s)/ISBN: James, R. and Gilliland, B. Crisis Intervention Strategies. 8th ed, ISBN: 9781337129886

Rita is a 35-year-old businesswoman. She is a graduate of high school and a post–high school vocational-technical institute. She holds a certificate in auto mechanics. She has never been to a counselor before, and has come to the crisis worker at the suggestion of a close friend who is a school counselor. Rita owns and operates an automobile tune-up and service shop. She employs and supervises a crew of mechanics, tune-up specialists, and helpers. She works very hard and keeps long hours but maintains some flexibility by employing a manager. Rita’s husband, Jake, is a college-educated accountant. They have two children: a daughter who is 13, and a son who is 8. The family rarely attends church, and they don’t consider themselves religious, but they are church members. Their close friends are neither from their church nor from their work.

Rita’s problem is complex. She constantly feels depressed and unfulfilled. She craves attention but has difficulty getting it in appropriate ways. For diversion, she participates in a dance group that practices three nights a week and performs on many Friday and Saturday evenings. Rita, Jake, and their children spend most Sundays at their lake cottage, which is an hour-long drive from their home. Their circle of friends is mainly their neighbors at the lake.

Rita’s marriage has been going downhill for several years. She has become sexually involved with Sam, a wealthy wholesaler of used automobiles. She met him through a business deal in which she contracted to do the tune-up and service work on a large number of cars for Sam’s company. Sam’s contracts enable Rita’s business to be very successful. Rita states that the “chemistry” between her and Sam is unique and electrifying. She says she and Sam are “head over heels in love with each other.” While she still lives with Jake, she no longer feels any love for him.

According to Rita, Sam is also unhappily married, and Sam and his current wife have two small children. Rita states that she and Sam want to get married, but she doesn’t want to subject her two children to a divorce right now. She is very fearful of her own mother’s wrath if she files for a divorce. Sam fears his wife will “take him to the cleaners” if he leaves her for Rita right now. Lately, Sam has been providing Rita with expensive automobiles, clothing, jewelry, and trips out of town. Also, Sam has been greatly overpaying Rita’s service contracts, making her business flourish. Jake doesn’t know the details of Rita’s business dealings with Sam, but he is puzzled, jealous, frustrated, impulsive, and violent. Jake used to slap Rita occasionally. In the last few months, he has beaten Rita several times. Last night he beat her worse than he ever has. Rita has no broken bones, but she has several bruises on her body, legs, and arms. The bruises do not show as long as she wears pantsuits.

Rita has told her problems only to her school counselor friend. She fears that her boyfriend would kill her husband if he found out about the beatings. Rita is frustrated because she cannot participate with the dance group until her bruises go away. Rita is feeling very guilty and depressed. She is not particularly suicidal, however. She is feeling a great deal of anger and hatred toward Jake, and she suffers from very low self-esteem.

She is feeling stress and pressure from her children, from her mother, from Jake, and even from Sam, who wants to spend more and more time with her. Recently, Rita and Sam have been taking more and more risks in their meetings. Rita’s depression is getting to the point where she doesn’t care. She has come to the crisis worker in a state of lethargy—almost in a state of emotional immobility. Rita has decided to share her entire story with the worker because she feels she is at her “wit’s end,” and she wouldn’t dare talk with her minister, her physician, or other acquaintances. Rita has never met the crisis worker, and she feels this is the best approach, even though she is uncomfortable sharing all of this with a stranger.

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