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Scenario:You are a student at a university and you are about to complete your Masters in Nursing degree.  Your second to last course(Principals of Health Care Financial Management) shows low enrollment and the academic department has cancelled the start date of the class 3 times due to low enrollment.  Without completing this class you will not be able to do take the final course which is Leadership in Health Care System Practicum in order to graduate.  You have taken time out from working this year to complete your long time dream of getting your masters degree in nursing.  You had a personal goal to complete your dream by April 2020.  You are a self pay student.  You do not get financial aid,  You maintained an A” average in all of your course work.  You complete all of the course work for instructors on time for all of your current classes.  This appeal request is for asking to take your NUR-674 Leadership in Health care system practicum course before completing the requirement of course:  NUR-621 Principals of health Care Financial Management.Please make reference to Higher education in Nursing and that by taking the class on an earlier date will not impede on your grades or study habits.  Please note the role as MSN nurse can play in the healthcare field and that the hendarence may have a negative impact on a student emotionally and physically well being.  Your asking for an exception to the rule that all classes must be completed before taking the leadership in health Care system Practicum.  Please have peer review reference in the important of obtaining higher education and growth achievement. Make reference to import figures in nursing and how their role brought about changes to the industry and that you to want to contribute to changes and reform policy in the nursing field.(minimum of 500 words with peer review reference and personal input)

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