ethical argumentative essay (ethics of killing (abortion))

PLEASE be very anlaytic  as if you are student on the class. having a proper debate using theories from a book.Also: In the thesis example please reference this: 1500 -1800 words double-spaced (MINIMUM).In presenting this topic, you should consider the notion of moral permissibility not justpreferred behaviors.3.You must use an objection that both applies generally to the theory and the situation. You mustalso attempt to meet/answer the objection.4.You must tie your applied topic into a previously covered theory of ethical evaluation. Examples:Kant’s deontology, Mill’s utilitarianism, Ethics of Care, Virtue Ethics, Social Contract Morality(Hobbes or Rawls and his egalitarianism), or even one of the other theoriesYou must include one secondary source and provide a full MLA/APA/WHATEVER works citedpage.Cite from book below as well 🙂 whatever u can

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