Ethical decision making

The Assignment (3–4 pages in APA format): To demonstrate proper case analysis using Cooper’s ethical decision-making model, your assignment should include the following:

A description of the situation and the ethical issues involved in this case study (Dryburgh, 2009)A description of the possible courses of action that the guards could have takenAn explanation of why they chose to be whistle blowersAn explanation of the positive and negative consequences for each possible course of action the guards could have takenAn explanation of how the ethical dilemma was resolved as well as its impact on the organization and individuals involved

For this Assignment, review the following resources:

Chapter 2 of The Responsible Administrator, focusing on the components of ethical decision makingDryburgh (2009), “Personal and Policy Implications of Whistle-Blowing: The Case of Corcoran State Prison”

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