Due: 9/11/2020, 10pm Central timeTopic: Issues in Professional Consultation and Supervision.Three double spaced APA formatted pages are required (not including your title page and reference pages).use textbook: The World of the Counselor by E. Neukrug (2016) 5th edition chapter 8 as well as the ACA Code of Ethics for this assignment.  No abstract is needed for this assignment but you must include an introductory paragraph and a summary paragraph.  Learning to write professionally involves parsimony, or using as few words to say what you want to say as possible.Assignment will be submitted through safe assign so therefore please be careful with citing.PLEASE BE SURE TO USE TEXTBOOKThe following are the things you must include in your paper:1.   Define the role of consultation in professional counseling.  Define the role of supervision in professional counseling.2.   Compare and contrast supervision and consultation – what are the differences as well as the similarities?3.   Choose 2 ethical issues in Consultation and 2 ethical issues in Supervision (in Neukrug textbook), and discuss each of them in the context of the relationship between counselor and consultant, and counselor and supervisor.   Try to see yourself in these relationships in the future.4.   How do you see technology influencing and impacting the supervision process and relationship?5.  What are your thoughts about what you have read regarding the legal liabilities in consultation and supervision?  What concerns does this information stir in you?

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