Evaluate and revise argument Paragraph

Evaluate and Revise an Argument

Complete the following two parts of this worksheet to evaluate and revise an argument.

Part 1 – Evaluating

Read the paragraph in Practice 7.1 of Ch. 7 of your textbook.

Evaluate the paragraph’s strengths and weaknesses (see par. below)

List the strengths, weaknesses, and your suggestions for improvement. Give thorough feedback that would be useful to the writer by providing at least two for each category.



Areas for Improvement

Part 2 – Revising

NOW Revise the paragraph using the suggestions you provided in Part 1.

Note. Changing a few words here and there is not a revision. You will need to carefully revise (“see again”) the paragraph to make it a stronger and more effective piece.

SEE PARAGRAPH: Hetal Shah’s rough draft below for Evaluation and Revise;

Academic dishonesty can come into play when students feel that that many pressures are being placed on them. Pressures from parents, for example, can lead students to look or the easy way out. Plagerism also occurs because it is socially acceptable and students do not consider it cheating. Meetig various expectation can cause students to turn to cheating.  PRessures can vary from maintaining a high GPA in high school to get into a good college to keeping up grdes hwile in college to hold on to scholarships. American high school students feel pressure from parents as well as teachers to attend good colleges or universities (Durkin). Students in all grade levels competing for grades are causing a great increase in academic dishonesty. Many high acheiving students are turning to ways of cheating to get their As in their demanding classes . Rigorous course loads and high expectations have led any students often those that are near the top of their classes to cheat.

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