Part I: You will develop and submit annotated bibliographies on the topic you have chosen. –

  1. Use the 8-10 scholarly sources/materials you identified in your Module 2 Case Assignment.
  2. Identify two additional scholarly articles from professional journals.
  3. Apply the evidence analysis techniques introduced in the Case Assignment for this module as you review all scholarly sources/materials you found.
  4. Develop and submit your annotated bibliographies with at least 10 scholarly articles from professional journals. Information on annotated bibliographies can be found at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/01/ . A sample of APA annotation can be found at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/03/.

Length: The written component of this assignment should be 4-5 pages long (double-spaced).

Format: APA format is required for this assignment.

Part II: You will identify the purpose of your literature review.

  1. Identify the functions you will employ in your paper as identified in the Case Assignment for this module. For example, will your paper aim to describe, to compare and contrast, to classify, to explain cause/effect, or to present a particular argument? Or will it attempt some combination of these?
  2. Using your approved project topic, present an outline of your paper as a first step toward structuring your writing. Refer to “Sample Outlines” handout from the Background Information page of this module for guidance. The basic structure of your outline should be as follows:
  3. Introduction
  4. Body
    1. Main Idea #1
      1. Supporting details
      1. Examples
    1. Main Idea #2
      1. Supporting details
      1. Examples
    1. Main Idea #3
      1. Supporting details
      1. Examples
      1. Etc.
  5. Summary and Conclusion

Upload your annotated bibliography as well as your outline at the conclusion of this module.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Assessment and Grading: Your paper will be assessed based on the performance assessment rubric that is linked within the course. Review it before you begin working on the assignment. Your work should adhere to these MSHS Assignment Expectations.

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