Explore the characteristics of deities. History homework help

This is a Mythology class we were  looking at Greek Gods, with a focus on Olympic gods

Collaborative Exercises

Explore the characteristics of deities. Use the stories contained in your reading for this class, but feel free to include details based on prior knowledge of mythology.

List the various characteristics of the gods. Are these characteristics of the gods’ personalities projections of our human understanding?

Discuss the dwelling places of the gods–their location and position, often up in the clouds. Why is it important to know where these forces dwell? How do the dwellings of gods relate to the dwellings of leaders of political or even moral significance?

Discuss why different cultures experience their deities differently. What factors might determine a different perspective? In what ways are the deities similar, whether from monotheistic or polytheistic religions?

Also complete the following as a team and include in the final assignment:

  • Discuss any concept that a team member is having a difficult time understanding.
  • Examine the importance and applicability of this week’s concepts to each team member and to society in general.

The completed Week 2 Collaborative Exercise should include all of the above and should be posted as either a new threaded message or as a Word Document.

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