Family history

Prepare a 4-6 page typed report and present an oral summary report on your Family Health History to present to class.a. When did your family arrive in the United States?b. How far back can you trace the history of your family?c. How many people in your extended family do you know well? How manycan you contact and talk to?d. What are the health benefits and practices of your family?e. What have been/are the health problems of your family? If there aremultiple health problems, choose one problem to focus on.f. What are the underlying or contributing factors to this health problem?Examples: genetics, heredity, social/economic class, nutrition or dietary factors, historic or current exclusion or isolation, racism, ethnic prejudice, or other factors. Discuss which are relevant and why.g. As a health professional, how can you work with your family to identify and reduce the health risks?h. Issues such as privacy, individual family involvement, male and female roles, and interaction with other family members should be discussed.Your paper must include at least 5 references beyond the textbook. References may be place at the end of the paper, but all quotes and sources of information must be identified and numbered. Information obtained from the Internet must be identified by site. No more than 3 Internet sources may be used.Your paper should be double-spaced, 12 point New Times Roman Font. Title page should include your name, title of the course, professor’s name, and date. The title page and endnotes do not count toward the 4-6 pages total. Papers are due December 1st, 2020. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

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