Feminist Ethical Theory Applied to the Sept 20th Tulsa Oklahoma Police Shooting, sociology homework help

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Feminist Ethical Theory Applied to the Sept 20th Tulsa Oklahoma Police Shooting

On September 20th an unarmed man was shot by police on a highway in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The officer stopped to investigate a vehicle pulled over on the median. The officer gave the man several instructions which he chose not to follow. The end result of the interaction was the officer felt she was, to some degree, in danger and used lethal force. These are the facts of the case and more can be read at, http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/20/us/oklahoma-tulsa-police-shooting/. A major aspect of this case that is not being discussed is the emotional stress and trauma a police officer endures on a daily basis. Regardless of whether her actions were right or wrong, the emotional state which led to her firing her weapon should be a deciding factor of whether she should be punished. Police officers are trained to be assert control of situations and individuals. It would only be natural for a person failing to comply with requests of an officer would create an emotional response. This could illicit anger or fear depending on the situation. This initial emotional response paired with the constant reminders during training that any and all subjects could want to harm officers of the law create forced aggression. These officers are trained not to take “no” for an answer, to suspect every person is a potential murderer, and given fire arms and hand to hand combat training. This is a combination that creates a high risk for emotional action. Ethically speaking she did exactly as was expected of her, by using the emotional situations provided to her by the suspect and police training.

Please understand this is not my actual feeling about this issue. This was the first hot button issue I could come up with and seemed like a creative one

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