Excel Table A: 1. Year-to-year annual growth in total net sales. 

2. Determine the sales growth of +10% for each year.

Q1: Based only on your answers in Table A, do you think the company achieved its sales goal of +10% annual revenue growth in 2008? Why or why not? Solid Paragraph, four sentences.

Excel Table: B:   Percent sales method w/ 25% sales increase (15% tax rate and 5% restructuring costs of new sales figure)

Q2: Assumptions made?  Solid Paragraph, four sentences.

Q3: Assumptions reasonable?  Solid Paragraph, four sentences.

Calculations and formulae

APA format (Title page, Abstract, Body, Conclusion)

Citations are correct (APA format, references and in-text citations)

Outside research

Reads as polished, academic paper

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