Food History, history homework help


Deliverable Length: 200–250 words minimum

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the evolution of American cuisine in conjunction with the Civil War and westward expansion.


As America was growing as a nation, the lifestyles and cuisine of its citizens was also changing. The advent of the nationwide railroad system enabled the transfer of goods, including food, from coast to coast. The bounty of the farmlands now reached urban areas efficiently. Homesteaders in the Midwest and the West, starting with family farms, were able to increase their production with new technology and greater land expanses. Southwestern ranchers and livestock breeders began shipping their cattle to both coasts, alleviating shortages in the east coast, specifically. The ready availability of food allowed for the involvement of most Americans with other pursuits required for building and strengthening of the nation. Infrastructure was further modernized, making physical movement all the more viable.

Choose 1 of the following items to discuss for your paper submission.

Option 1

  • Describe the role that food supply had on the outcome of the Civil War.

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