Forum 3

1. In reaction to the article on “Incarnational Apologetics” and Chapters 14 – 16, and 22 from the Everyday Series: Evangelism book, how does this impact the way evangelism is taught and acted out in daily life? How do you balance “incarnational” and “informational” approaches to evangelism? Is there a connection? In addition, do your struggle relating to people on an “incarnational” level; or are you afraid on an “informational” level that people might ask a question that you cannot answer?  Be VERY thorough, thought provoking, and honest with your classmates!  (225 words minimum)

2. After watching the interview video with the girl (Lindsay Video), in reference to her approach to life and faith, if she were a neighbor of yours how would you go about reaching her with the Gospel? When answering, consider what we have learned and discussed in class to this point related to the Three V’s of evangelism, your testimonies, servant evangelism, as well as the Share Jesus Without Fear approach and the implications of the two videos this week on the Story and the Three Circles.  Be VERY thorough and thought provoking!  (225 words minimum)

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