Generic qualitative process

Generic Qualitative ResearchMy choice of the following research questions for generic qualitative research:· How do learners describe the educational sessions at residency?main research questionThe five guiding interview questions that I can use in my virtual interview are:1. Have you completed any of the residency educational sessions at Capella, and if so, how do you feel they have helped or did not help you?2. How would you describe your research skills after the educational sessions at residency thus far?3. What has already been established in your educational sessions at the residency?4. What do you feel you accomplished after the residency sessions?5. Can you describe a time you had to overcome challenges impeding your research progress during your residency educational sessions? What was the outcome?Please complete this section1. The interview protocol2. Rationale for the design of the interview questions3. Aligned data collection procedure Generic Qualitative Research

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