George Simmel: sociability, blasé attitude, the stranger, sociology homework help

using Dalton Conley (2015) You May Ask Yourself. Fourth Edition


What is the relationship between education and life chances? If we know education is critical in determining socio-economic status, what role does the current education system play in either helping or hindering social problems?

Urbanization and Modernity:

 1- George Simmel: sociability, blasé attitude, the stranger. Are these concepts relevant today? Why/why not?

 2- Growth of suburbs in 1950s: what macro level events and issues led to this? Why did people want to live in the suburbs? What were the pros and cons of suburban life?

3- Urban sprawl: what is it? Pros and cons?

4- Gentrification: what is it? Pros and cons?

Religion, Politics and Economic Life :
1- Religious profile of US population: trends (growth and decline) in Christianity, non-Christian groups and unaffiliated (religious nones). How can we explain these trends? Are there macro
and/or micro issues at play?

2- What are the links between religious beliefs and factors such as socio-economic position, education, geography, and political attitudes?

The Future of Society:
1- Global population trends: which regions of the world are growing and which are declining?

2-What factors (socio-cultural, economic, etc.) influence fertility rates? How this applies to regions of growth and decline

3- Aging populations: explanations for this trend, how this relates to other trends (eg: fertility rates, socio-economic factors, gender)

4- Major problems posed by aging populations, both macro and micro

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