GVPT 308 Essay 1


Question:  Why do the rights of international human rights law need philosophical, moral, and theoretical foundations?  Also, in your view, which foundation is most important?  Why?

500-750 words in a Word document

The essay questions are found in the Assignments section of the classroom.  Essay assignments occur in Week 3 and Week 5 of the class to test your knowledge and application of the course materials.  Each essay will be evaluated with the rubric used for the Annotated Bibliography – including the number, quality, and variety of sources.  However, you are to use only course resources for the essays.  DO NOT research the answer on the Internet and use outside sources.  Use our course content to support your ideas.  I suggest using a five-paragraph essay method and making sure that each paragraph has a main point in support of the thesis (topic sentence), evidence to support (from the readings), analysis (what it means), and conclusion or transition to the next point (why it’s important).  In this assignment we are not only demonstrating knowledge of the course materials and how to apply them – but also the skill of writing analytically within the IR discipline.  So both content and form are important.  Make sure your essays are professional products.  They should be about 500-750 words, double-spaced, 12 pt. font in a Word document using APA format (or Chicago/Turabian, if you prefer).  You do not need to include a cover page but can “insert header” in Word with your name, the class, the assignment, and the date.  Page numbers would be good, too.  If you have questions about the APA style, see https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/18/  Please use in-text parenthetical references to hold your sources – and include the page number as well.  The page number is not automatically added if you use an APA citing program – but your source should look like this (Author date, page) or (Brown 2011, 17).  If there is no page number, then use (Brown 2011, n.p.) to show that you looked for it.  Any questions, please ask.


Please use only the web pages below. No extra resources necessary

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