Have Privilege Assignement

No Plagiarizing please

Prepare a posting that describes your understanding of the concept of privilege using the Monahan (2014) reading and Dr. Flora’s interview as points of reflection.

  • How can the concept of White Privilege be expanded to include gender privilege, class privilege, or heterosexual privilege?
  • Provide an example from your own experience of how a person may experience privilege based on one aspect of their identity and oppression based on another.
  • After listening to the interview with Dr. Flora, do you think the term privilege also applies to the region where someone lives, or the language or dialect he or she speaks? Explain why or why not.


  • Dr. Flora: Rural Stereotyping/Implicit Bias. Click Launch Presentation to play the interview of Dr. Amanda Flora, a professor at Capella University. Dr. Flora shares her insights and research on implicit bias, particularly as it relates to rural populations.

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