Choose one health issue from the past five years that demonstrates how nurses have influenced policy change and discuss the following:the agenda of the health policythe competing agendas of the stakeholders and the public opinion regarding the policythe MSN Essential that supports the master’s prepared nurse leader participation in the chosen health policystate and federal initiatives that affect the policyYOU MUST FOLLOW THIS RUBRIC WHEN DOING THE WRITING.AT LEAST ONE PAGE LONG***All writing and references must follow current American Psychological Association (VERY IMPORTANT YOU MUST USE APA – PEER REVIEW ARTICLES 5 YEARS OR NEWER – AND AT LEAST ONE REFERENCE THAT IS A CREDIT SOURCE – PLEASE USE CINALH IF YOU CAN.Avoid postings that are limited to ‘I agree’ or ‘great idea’, etc. If you agree (or disagree) with a posting, then say why you agree (or disagree) by supporting your statement with concepts from the readings or by bringing in a related example or experienceAddress the questions as much as possibleSynthesize the readings into your own words (you may use quotes and paraphrasing from the articles as needed) to support your postings. Expand on your insights and reflect on the material.  Be sure to follow APA standardsUse proper etiquette (address your peer by name, use professional language, etc.)

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