Healthcare Administrative Office Procedures Module 2

This assignment has two parts. You must submit both for the assignment to be graded.

Scheduling – Part One

There are a number of types of scheduling systems that are available for a medical practice to choose from and utilize.

Conduct some outside research and describe the differences between the following scheduling systems.

  • Cluster Booking
  • Double Booking
  • Wave Scheduling
  • Modified Wave Scheduling
  • Stream Scheduling

In your response include the following:

  1. Which system best accommodates the medical practice?
  2. Which system best accommodates the patient?
  3. Which system is the most common used and which is the least?

Your responses should be one page in length, in APA format, with a title and reference page.

Office Polices & Procedures – Part Two

When new patients come into the office, they need to complete a patient registration form. Also, new patients are provided with a Notice of Privacy Practice (NPP).


  • List at least five critical pieces of registration information and give a brief description of why this information is needed.
  • Why is the Notice of Privacy Practice presented to the patient?

Your responses should be one page in length, in APA format.

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