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Assignment Instructions

Please respond in essay form to each following questions. These are scenarios that require you to explain your strategy as a basketball coach.


Scenario # 1:


Your team has the ball with the lead with 20 seconds to go in the first quarter and is running their offense. Player A has a driving lane open but decides to shoot a three-pointer. Make or miss; is this a good shot? What do you say to the player and/or team at the end of that quarter? Does it depend on the player?


Scenario # 2:


You are the underdog and you truly feel that your team has played over their heads for the first three quarters. As the fourth quarter starts, your team leads 48-38. Your opponent has played poorly, but now has responded to the situation and is looking very dangerous. They are a better team, typically. You decide to open the fourth quarter with a spread offense and a ¾ court man to man defense. Is this strategy the best decision? What do you tell your team in the huddle prior to the fourth quarter? What is your coaching strategy to ensure your team pulls off this upset?


Scenario # 3:


Your team is down by 20 points at half-time to a very good team that you knew would be very difficult to beat. You notice that some of your players look beaten mentally when entering the locker room. What do you say at half-time to your team? What is your coaching strategy to start the third quarter? What are your team’s goals for the duration of this game?


Scenario # 4:


Your team is leading by 20 points with six minutes left in the game. You have been leading the game convincingly since early in the first quarter. The opposing team just scored five straight points to cut the lead to 15 and called time-out. The opposing team’s crowd is getting louder and their players are starting to show enthusiasm. What do you say to your team during the time-out? What type of tone of voice should be used? Are there other factors involved with how you will react?


Scenario # 5:


Your team is winning by three points with 10 seconds left to go in the game. Your team has committed 7 fouls and the other team will shoot the bonus; 1 and 1 free throw on your team’s next foul. What is your defensive philosophy for the last 10 seconds?


Note: There is no minimum length requirement for responding to each scenario. To earn full-credit, the student must develop comprehensive responses that clearly explain the rationale behind the decision made for each scenario.  


Remember to upload this into a word document, double-space, and submit for a grade.




Essay is completed with content that is comprehensive and accurate. Major points are stated clearly; are supported by specific details, examples, or analysis; and are organized logically.


Clear and thorough descriptions of how you will handle each scenario.



Overall quality of work in comparison to the classroom norm. Meets the minimum length requirement.


Submission on time, Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed and spelling is correct. APA format, references included.




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