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Write a response of 150-200 words to one of the topics listed below. Your completed Journal should include evidence of familiarity with the assigned readings in addition to your personal reflections on the topic. Your writing must be well organized and contain correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. (Your work will be graded according to the Grading Form for Chapter Journals, pictured below.) You will notneed to perform outside research to write this journal entry; after completing the assigned reading for the week, respond thoughtfully with your reasoned and measured opinion, using the chapter reading as context.

1. Freudian Philosophy: Freud held that religion was a “universal obsessional neurosis of humanity.” What did he mean? Evaluate this assertion from your own point of view. Do you agree with his view? Why or why not?

2. Jungian Symbols: What symbols of the collective unconscious seem to you both universal and eternal? Give examples of their appearances in religion, art, literature, etc.

3. Surrealism and the Subconscious World: Briefly describe the aims of the Surrealists, as defined by Breton in the first “Surrealist Manifesto.” Which of the Surrealist artists (Picasso, Dali, Magritte, Miró, Kahlo, et al.) “speaks” to your own subconscious life most directly? Why and how so?

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