History 2 questions!(I will pay 2$ only because its two easy questions)

1. Experts believe that most Native Americans died of diseases like smallpox, typhoid, or diphtheria in the first decades of contract with European settlers. Which statement best explains this phenomenon?

a.Native Americans refused medical treatment from Europeans.

b.Native Americans had never been exposed to those diseases.

c.Native Americans were infected on purpose with those diseases.

d.Native Americans did not have access to more modern medicine.

2. The British and the colonists had many conflicts in the time before the American Revolution. What conclusion can be made about why so much conflict occurred in Boston?

a.The king wanted to control Boston because the wealthiest colonists lived there.

b.The British did not like Boston because most colonists there did not own slaves.

c.The people of Boston were taxed by the king, while Southern colonies were not.

d.The king was enforcing more policies in Boston as an example to all the colonies.

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