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CHAPTER 13 Assignments/Activities

INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES (IA): 20 Points. A. 1-4 (5), B. 1-2 (5), D. 1-3 (5), E (5).


A.  MWP   “Against The Mexican War” by Thomas Corwin.

1.   In the second paragraph, Corwin poses a question on behalf of the Democratic proponents of the war with Mexico for their territory.  Cite the quote here. 

2.  Supporters of Manifest Destiny, and the war with Mexico argued that we were running out of room here in America.  How does Corwin respond to this assertion?

3.  What is the singular cause of Corwin’s and his Whig Party’s opposition to this war?

4.  Corwin forecasts the political sectional crisis that acquiring this territory from Mexico will initiate.  Cite a quote that best summarizes Corwin’s fears.

  1. Chaffey Library eRes..Lydia Allen Rudd, Diary of Westward Travel. Answer questions 1-2.
    1. Compare and contrast the diarist’s hopes and first impressions regarding the westward journey with her resignation after they have reached their winter home?
    2. Describe and summarize the various experiences depicted by the author along the journey that present significant obstacles for westward travelers.

  C.Review the image, American Progress, 1872 by John Gast  p. 360.  The center figure is ‘Lady Liberty’ stringing telegraph wire. (You can Google American Progress and bring up a bigger representation of thic iconic painting.) Your assignment is to analyze the connection between American ideals, expansion and progress as suggested here.  Give specific examples from the painting to explain these concepts.  Two  well-developed paragraphs will suffice.

  1. Chaffey Library eRes. John L. O’Sullivan, The Great Nation of Futurity, 1845..  Answer questions 1-3.

1. What connections does O’Sullivan see between the history of Europe and the history of the United States?

2. According to O’Sullivan, what is the most important principle that guides America?

    1.  Discuss how  these words will be used to justify territorial expansion and the suppression of native peoples? Direct quotations always help clarify.

  E.  Web Destination: www.pbs.org/weta/thewest/.This site represents the PBS Series The West.  Click on “events’ on the tool bar above text.  For the date, click on 1840-1850.  After perusing the chronology of events for that decade, you choose the most important five events listed—rely on  your textbook as well for making decision.  Prepare your list, defending your choices in 2-3 sentences.

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