HN531 Assignment 6

Part ISelect a non-profit and/or social service program in the state where  you reside. Describe the history of the organization and provide a brief  overview of its programs and services.You will design a program that will aid the program you selected that  would enhance the current program. For this Assignment you will need to  describe the elements of the program you will design. Make sure you  include all of the client-related variables, staff-related variables,  and physical resources as you describe the elements of your program. In  addition you will describe the throughputs, and service tasks.Part IIChapter 8 of your text lists the process numbers (logic model) for a  hypothetical program. As you review them you will get a better  understanding of the required steps. Finally, you will apply all of the  process steps for the program you are designing and explain how they  will be followed with your program design.Provide appropriate citations and references in APA format when  referencing the text and any other outside source in your answers. Your  Assignment should be 4-5 pages long. Be sure to look at the grading  rubric in the Syllabus to ensure that you have covered all of the  expectations for the Assignment! Your writing should be in Standard  English and be clear and specific with few errors.***FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS****I LIVE IN TEXAS, SO THE NONE-PROFIT YOU SEARCH FOR SHOULD BE LOCATED IN TEXAS****ATTACHED IS CHAPTER 8 TO HELP**

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