How did Christianity come to be a religion separate from Judaism, history homework help

Essay Topic 1: How did Christianity come to be a religion separate from Judaism? What role did Paul of Tarsus play in the formation of Christianity?

Essay Topic2: What factors combined to allow the growth of the Christian Church in Western Europe between the 4th and 6th centuries CE? How important was the conversion of Constantine to the growth of the Church?

Write each topic for a short essay(Only one page), 4-5 paragraphs. Do not write a huge paragraph.

Read each topic carefully and answer as completely as you can. Don’t forget to answer any questions.

  • Structure your answer in paragraphs
  • include a thesis statement
  • give examples to support your argument
  • include the approximate time period in your answer
  • Do not use any outside material , do not quote anything.

Essay should include:

¤ a clear thesis statement

¤ an argument, based on evidence

¤ examples to support your argument

Try to avoid

¤ Sentences that are too short or too long

¤ Addressing more than one topic per paragraph

¤ Slang, casual language, and contractions

¤ Personal pronouns (I, you, we)

¤ Overly broad statements (always, never)

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