HSS261Powerpoint IP Unit 3

Individual ProjectEthics and BusinessWed, 4/26/17Numeric100012–15 slides with 75–150 words of speaker notes + at least 2 scholarly resources* Must be Quality work, 0% plagiarism, No grammar mistakes, formatted cited work and on time.*Must be in APA formatt.  TurnItIn Checked.*at  least 2 scholarly resourcesIn a recent department head meeting, chief executive officer (CEO) Beranger discussed managed care and why Silver Creek Hospital is engaged in what she feels is an important method of health care delivery. Interestingly, not many people in your organization are familiar with some of the personal and professional ethical concerns and challenges that may arise as a result of managed care. In an effort to inform the staff about managed care, CEO Beranger asks you to construct a PowerPoint presentation that introduces 2–3 ethical concerns, issues, or challenges of managed care. You also are asked to provide an overview of how managed care impacts the physician–patient relationship. You also feel it necessary to add 1–2 slides that discuss the history of managed care.

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