HUM/105 – World Mythology version 3

Reply to the following Discussion Question. Minimum 120 words

The myth that appealed to me the most was the story of King Arthur. The story tells of a young boy, of only 15, was able to become the King of all Britain. Arthur did this by being the only one who could pull the sword from the marble stone. Though, Arthur had to prove himself to the elite of Britain to become a knight who possessed the best qualities of strength, courage and skill but blinded by only seeing the good in others. He became the ruler of the Roman Empire, carried the great sword Excalibur, fought to defend his thrown against those he believed to be a friend and against his illegitimate son who before dying, wounds Arthur that leads to his own death (Rosenberg, 2006).

I think that the story of King Arthur is timeless because of all the factors that are found in it; magic, knighthood, adventure, betrayal, love affairs. There are just so many factors that are found that it can appeal to a number of people with all types of interests. Most little boys love to hear stories about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, or Excalibur the most powerful sword. The idea of the Lady of the Lake can appeal to girls to show the kind of strength and importance that a woman can have. The appeal of the story of King Arthur has been an influence in multiple forms of literature, movies, television, comics, music and more.


Rosenberg, D. (2006). World mythology: An anthology of great myths and epics (3rd ed.). Chicago, IL: McGraw Hill.

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