Human behavior in organization


______1 , A mechanism that drives an individual to do his best

_______2 ,It focuses on the change in people’s behavior

____3, It is how one perceives the relative favourable or unfavourable condition which he views hits work in the organization

______4, it is the state of one’s social , mental and emotional stability which the organization has to develop among its employees

_______5, Change process that is putting aside all ideas and values to give new insights to new idea

_______6, It is the condition that whatever occurs in the workplace has its effect on one’s social and personal life and vice versa

____7, It determines the kind of climate that one may experience

_________8, The force which affect the situation by pushing in a favourable direction the planned change

________9, it has something to do with the development of new management strategy due to changes in marketing condition

______10 , This change is due to the introduction of new technology or the process of manufacturing goods and services

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