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student name Janika

I was alarmed to hear that there is a rise and higher diagnoses of anxiety in women. In my personal opinion I feel that women prone to anxiety because of several reasons. My first reason is that the modern woman does not think the way we once were taught to think and feel, during our emancipation woman also gave up their right for a simpler life. For instance now a days many woman are told they can be anything they want to be, that we can have the big job title, can have the big bank account, choose to have a family or not and in the case of society we can have this perfect body and be the epitome of beauty if we can afford the best plastic surgeon, chefs, and trainers.  This ideal that our county has come to glamorize puts a lot on a woman’s shoulders and that life that the modern woman is supposed to strive to obtain, it’s not really true. It is impossible  to remain forever young, have the booming career, the family, the energy, the body, the house, the car, the blah blah blah all those factors can really eat away at someone and create anxiety in regards to not obtaining those things or once you have  achieved that level of “perfect “ ,now having to maintaining those things. 

Which leads to me to my second reason, the dreadful maintenance of your “picture perfect  life”, as a modern woman. We have grown incredibly anxious and in any given day, I think women worry about environmental hazards, their job security, their looks, or even the odds of their husband or boyfriend cheating on them. The items I just listed require maintenance, and full attention from a woman in order to remain a constant in her life and is a great source of worry for many of us ladies we also worry if for whatever reason we cannot maintain any one of those things what will come of us. My third reason is that I think that there’s so much stressful news that it starts to take a toll on your mind. When I watch the news my I swear blood pressure goes up, between the weather, the ozone, the earthquakes, the government, the shootings, the stabbings, police harming people, racism, sexism, and the list is endless. As a woman media and news can really wreak havoc on our emotions sometimes thus increasing our anxiety and making us feel as though we are not safe and protected. There are several woman at my job who have given up the news entirely and literally rely on hearsay to stay a bit informed, when I recently asked a coworker why and she stated that she lives alone and felt scared and worried every time she watched the news and that sometimes the images she would witness on the news would not leave her mind until something worse entered it. According to Author Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Ph.D in her book Women Who Think Too Much: How to Break Free of Overthinking and Reclaim Your Life states that there is a sense that the world is not as safe as it used to be, and that creates a lot of anxiety (Hoeksema, 2004, pp.8-9).

My fourth reason does a good job at tying in my first two points of why I think woman are suffering more so with anxiety, and that has to do with how we are spending our time. I imagine that when a woman’s primary job was to be a good homemaker that it most likely allowed her a bit more freedom to connect with her children, immediate family, extended family, and her friends  which in turn probably helps relax and take in the important things of life. Our modern woman’s twenty first century life seems to have forcefully pigeon held us into shifting our values (morally and culturally) from a once intrinsic to now a more extrinsic. As woman we once thrived on appreciating things like close relationships and having passion for our work, and now I feel we have been driven toward money, status, social media to make and maintain relationships, and acquiring as much material possessions as we can show off. I believe all these changes have increased our anxiety as woman, and society has slowly changed what the ideal woman is now, what society has told us about who we should be as a woman now has left us feeling anxious striving to live up to this ideal of perfection.

In regards to why I believe that  a woman suffers more so then men, primarily I think that we women are more sensitive to several things, like stress, doubt, sadness, and worry. I am not saying that men do not feel the same feelings we woman do I just believe they respond different (organically and chemically which shows up differently in their actions and brain chemistry when dealing with the same situations). I also think that women have a way of dwelling on our problems, and we let them fester inside of us and grow inside of our minds, whereas men seem to be able to compartmentalize their issues a bit better when dealing with times of high stress and worry. The last thing I think that contributes to woman experiencing more anxiety then men, are that we as women appear to be more in touch and aware of our feelings, and therefore we get lost and hung up on those feelings both good and bad so unfortunately if were feeling anxious then it can quickly become us. The National Institute of Mental Health states that women are 60 percent more likely than men to experience an anxiety disorder over their lifetime (NIMH, 2014).

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