(I)History and Culture, English homework help

Hello I need help with an essay for my music class. This essay is about the Baroque period music. I have a outline that the essay needs to follow and I have pages from the book the essay needs to be about as well Only a little online research is okay, BUT mostly all of the details should come from the book pages I will email to the tutor when the question is accepted because theres only a limit of 4 attachments I can upload on study pool so I will email you the attachment instead. The essay needs a lot detail from the book pages I will post only some research from online with sources posted at the end of the essay. THE ESSAY NEEDS TO FOLLOW THE EXACT OUTLINE! Needs to be 4-5 pages! Thank you. I will post the outline in the attachment but I will email the book pages to the tutor who accepts the question because theres only a limit of certain attachments I can post on study pool. Thank you!

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