Information system

Design a payroll worksheet for a small company of hourly based salaried employees (weekly computation). The following information will be given (make up your own information) with the following columns: employee name (first name, last name), employee ID, hours worked, and hourly rate, gross pay, tax rate, tax amount, and net pay. The worksheet should compute gross pay, tax amount (be creative to find or apply a reasonable tax rate for now), and net pay. There should be 9 columns starting with First Name.  In addition, the worksheet should compute the total gross pay, average gross pay, min and max gross pay. In addition worksheet should count the number of employees using the count function. There should be at least 10 employees (10 rows). Your information should be on the first row.

Please include your name in the worksheet as an employee (first row).

Extra Credit (With extra spreadsheet): Do requirement first and if you do the extra work, place in separate worksheet.

Spreadsheet2: compute overtime pay for an overtime worked employee.

Spreadsheet3: As well as the Variable tax rate, if gross rate greater than a $1000, 30%. Greater than $800, 20% anything else 10%.

Spreadsheet4: Apply what if:  increasing 5% to the hourly rate and its impact.

Spreadsheet5: Use pivot table and Vlookup

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