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Now it’s time to discuss the topic you’ve chosen (Topic: Information Technology) to focus on for the remainder of this project! In this assignment, you’ll use a guided prompt to write notes that will help you better understand ways to approach the persuasive essay. When following the guide, remember to use instructor feedback from Week 1 when discussing your topic. If you’re still unsure if the topic is fulfilling the minimum requirements of the project, here’s a quick reminder: 1) it has two logical sides to the issue, 2) it is re-searchable, and 3) it is related to your career or degree. (Degree: Bachelors in IT)

Constructing Your Writing Notes

The questions below will ask you to consider how the following critical elements relate to your topic:

Argument: A type of writing or speech designed to persuade an audience to adopt the authors point of view.

Key points: The pieces of evidence that support an author’s main agreement.

Audience: Those for whom a communication is prepared; Usually, a general academic audience, which can be defined as an audience that isn’t an expert in your topic but that is willing to learn new things if the information is presented in an interesting and professional way.

Goal: The end result that you wish to achieve in your writing essay.

Potential resources: The pieces of evidence that could be used to support your argument.

Evidence: Facts or information that support the validity of an idea or proposal.

This process will allow you to develop a potential structure for effectively persuading readers to agree with your argument. This plan will be helpful in keeping your thought process on track when you begin writing and revising your essay.
Each response should be one fully developed paragraph in length (5-8 sentences).

Please review word document and answer questions & rubric is attached for guidance.

Thank you

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