Information Technology Management Capstone Project

(20 pages)

– Write a summary of the problem and the solution you proposed.

– Write an evaluation of (i.e., perform quality assurance for) the project.

– Write a review of your completed project.

– Write an explanation of any  revisions you made based on the formative evaluation results.

– Write an explanation of your plan for summative evaluation.

– Write an explanation of which groups should receive specific reports and evaluation results (e.g., general information for stakeholders, high-level report for project sponsor), including how those reports and results will be disseminated.

– Write a postimplementation description of future support for the solution, including planned further upgrades.

– Write a postimplementation project summary.

– Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references.

* Capstone projects should not contain any material belonging to an employer or any other organization without permission. Such material belongs to this third party and is referred to as “restricted information,” which requires to obtain the party’s permission to include the work.

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