Instructions below

The book used is:

Research Methods in Psychology Author: Heiman .Edition: 3rd ISBN 13: 978-0-618-17028-9 Publisher: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning Inc

Must be a total of 400 words.

1. You wish to examine the influence of wall color on people’s mood. (a) how would you conduct this as a laboratory study? (b) as a field experiment on the public? (c) as a field experiment on existing groups? (d) what are the pros and cons of each design? (ch 10)

2. You wish to conduct a field study survey to describe the nation’s attitudes toward gun control. With a closed-ended questionnaire in hand, (a) how would you identify the population? (b) how would you contact participants and have them complete the questionnaire? (c) how would you select your sample? (d) how would you summarize the data? (e) evaluate your design (ch 11)

I do not have a book that I can download. It is a hard copy.

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