International Conflict Resolution, writing homework help

1. Discussion of the development of the field of “International Conflict Resolution” as an academic/theoretical area of research. questions:

What are the reasons that scholars began to study “conflict resolution”?

What subject are most studies?

2. Discuss and explain the main strategies used in the theories of “Conflict Resolution”. Give examples

3. Explain the concepts of “escalation” and “de-escalation” of conflicts. What are the main characteristics of each of the two concepts. How can we achieve “de-escalation”? Discuss the various strategies, give examples.

4. How can destructive escalation be avoided? Give examples.

5. Explain the concept of “conflict transformation” give examples.

6. Explain the difference between “Positive and Negative” incentives to end a conflict

7. P. 466: Truth, Justice, Regard, and Security. Explain and discuss these terms and how they are connected to “conflict resolution.”

8. Explain the quote (p. 466) Conflicts are inevitable in social life but conflicts can serve to advance important human values—“

9. Explain the components of the adversary, and it is important to know their components.

10. Summarize and answer: how can conflict resolution theory prevent or help to end destructive conflict

Book: Constructive Conflicts

Authors: Louis Kriesberg and Bruce W. Dayton. (4thedition)

Publisher: Rowman and Littlefield, MD, 2012

6 pages.

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