Intro to Sociology Assignment

 Assignment Details:

Select two women to interview for this assignment. The women should be either of a generation (or more) older than you, and/or from a country where there is significant gender inequality.

Before speaking with the women, prepare a list of questions. Refer back to your textbook to remind you of all the different aspects of our lives that are affected by gender inequality (family life, work, education, etc.). Write questions that will address most or all of these categories. Your questions should ask your interviewees about their personal experiences with gender inequality in these areas of their lives (including things they’ve seen happen to others, not just things that they personally have experienced). Also ask about their views about how gender inequality has or has not changed over time (if you are speaking to someone of another generation) or what contrasts the woman sees between the other country she has lived in and the U.S. (if you are speaking to someone with experience in another country). Be prepared to ask follow-up questions when things get interesting!

Take notes during your interviews or record them (with your interviewee’s persmission) so you can take notes later.

 Writing Up Your Findings:

After you have completed your interviews, write a two- to three-page paper (typed, double spaced) in which you summarize what your interviewees told you and respond to/analyze what you learned. Apply 5 sociological concepts and definitions in your analysis. (For example, were you surprised by any of the information you were told? How does the information you learned during your interviews compare with what you read in your textbook? What did your interviews teach you about gender inequality in our past and present?).

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