Introduction to Human Services


Students will be able to identify what help is and why it might be needed. They will also be able to identify different kinds of help and helping professions.

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Read: The Course Syllabus and Read Me First, located the section above. Click on the course title and you will see them. These 2 documents contain information needed to be successful in this course.

Review: The Scoring Rubric (under the title bar) for grading expectations of written assignments/assessments.

Read: Textbook Preface, pages xix – xxiii

Read: Textbook Chapter 1, pages 1-9


“Getting to Know You”Forum8 unread posts

Complete the following “THINK ABOUT IT” journal entries and submit via the assessment submission button. (See Course Syllabus for more information about journal entries.)
THINK ABOUT IT 1Assignment
THINK ABOUT IT 4Assignment
THINK ABOUT IT 5Assignment


Topic 1 Quiz

See Course Syllabus for more information about topic quizzes.


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