Introduction to Sociology II

Perspectives on Social Problems in Society

Review your list and rank or rate these social problems from most to least important to you. Choose three of the top social problems to analyze.

1. Illegal Immigration

2. Discrimination

3. Racism

Analyze the top three social problems from your list by answering the following questions:

•Paragraph 1: What are the objective elements of these social problems?

•Paragraph 2: What are the subjective elements of these social problems?

•Paragraph 3: “What personal experiences lead you to believe these are important social problems?

•Paragraph 4: What information from the media has influenced your beliefs about these social problems?

•Paragraph 5: What changes in society do you think need to take place in order to alleviate these social problems?

Write a 5 paragraph (a paragraph is 5 – 7 sentences) comparison and analysis of your perspective.  Your paper should be double-spaces and in 12pt font. 

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